Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival
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Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival that symbolizes the season of reunion and harvest. This year, the company held an unforgettable celebration for employees, which enhanced the sense of unity and created a joyful atmosphere.


A lively "Mooncake Gambling" activity kicked off the festival is a traditional game during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It involves rolling dice inside a bowl and revealing different patterns to determine the winner. This competition adds an element of excitement and friendly competition to the event.


This Mooncake Gambling activity not only brought laughter and laughter, but also enhanced team building and friendship among employees.


After the wonderful Mooncake Gambling competition, we enjoyed a sumptuous Mid-Autumn Festival feast. The table is filled with mouth-watering traditional Chinese delicacies. From mooncakes and dumplings to a variety of seasonal fruits, the menu has been carefully designed to reflect the spirit of the festival.


The dinner provides a great opportunity for colleagues to relax and have meaningful conversations. Everyone shares stories, laughs and connects on a personal level.


Our company's Mid-Autumn Festival celebration was a complete success. Through the pie betting game and joyful feast, employees felt a sense of unity, friendship, and gratitude. The memories and bonds created during this celebration will continue to inspire and strengthen our team spirit.


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