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Zhongfangji (Xiamen) Textile Co., Ltd. 2023 team building activities

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On the first day, we visited the red revolutionary base - the old site of the Gutian Conference


The red revolutionary base offered us a deeper insight into the rich history and culture of the local area. We learned about the struggles and sacrifices made by the previous generations and felt a sense of deep appreciation for their hard work and dedication. 


We capped the day with an unforgettable dinner featuring a variety of authentic and delicious Hakka dishes.



The following day marked the highlight of the event – a challenging and incredibly adventurous climb up the hill. The climb was no easy feat, but the outstanding natural scenery made it all worth it. Every team member displayed determination and cooperation, and we all worked together to reach the summit.


The climb was an excellent opportunity for us to bond as a team, push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and build strong relationships with one another. The unforgettable team-building experience was a testament to the commitment of the company's high leadership level to building a strong, cohesive, and motivated team.


Overall, the team-building event was a smashing success and will be cherished as a fond memory by all employees at Zhongfangji (Xiamen) Textile.

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